GDPR & Data Protection : European Commission Infographic

What is personal data? Why change the rules? What your company must do The cost of non-compliance

Nuovo Regolamento Privacy – Dossier IPSOA

A chi si applica Privacy: nuovi adempimenti per professionisti ed imprese nel regolamento UE Professionisti e imprese: protezione dei dati con nuovi obblighi Principio di stabilimento: a quali professionisti si applica il regolamento privacy UE? Come gestire i dati Trasparenza e diritto alla portabilità: come gestire i dati personali? Regolamento UE: diritto all’accesso ai dati … Continue reading Nuovo Regolamento Privacy – Dossier IPSOA

Proposal for an ePrivacy Regulation

Key points of the Commission's proposal The proposal for a regulation on high level of privacy rules for all electronic communications includes: New players: privacy rules will in the future also apply to new players providing electronic communications services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype. This will ensure that these popular services guarantee the same … Continue reading Proposal for an ePrivacy Regulation