DRAFT REPORT on a European Agenda on the Collaborative Economy

Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection
Rapporteur: Nicola Danti
“The Rapporteur recognises the important opportunities and benefits of the collaborative economy for the society and economy; at the same time, he is attentive to the potential challenges and is especially concerned by the possible risk of fragmentation of the Single Market while large part of the collaborative economy remainsunregulated.
Therefore, in his view, first and foremost, there is a need for a horizontal European frameworkconsisting of a combination of general principles and specific rules which would pave the way for a homogenous and dynamic EU level playing field and would prevent possible negative effects on workers, risk of unfair competition between traditional sectors and collaborative platforms, and tax avoidance.
Equally important is the need to define characteristics and responsibilities for the key actors of the collaborative economy, in particular with regards to:
-clear distinction between peers and professionals;
-nature, duties and responsibilities of collaborative platforms;
-high level of consumer protection, also in the P2P dimension/transactions.
The Rapporteur, finally, encourages further promotion of an EU collaborative economy model,through financial instruments and investment in training. He believes that a fair and well-regulated development of the collaborative economy could offer significant opportunities for all sectors of society and could favour a more inclusive and sustainable economic developmentin the EU”.


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