Turin Observatory on Economic Law and Innovation

I am Research Fellow of the Turin Observatory on Economic Law and Innovation (TOELI).

The mission of the Observatory is to advance knowledge in all the innovation-related areas of the law. The relationship between the two is bidirectional, as the legal framework certainly influences the development of innovation, but innovation urges at its turn the law to adapt and evolve. The Observatory intends to cast light on that relationship and improve its smoothness as well as the mutual benefits it is likely to entail. The aim of our team is to help all the innovation market players (lawyers, future lawyers, academics, technologists, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders) find some common grounds and fruitfully cooperate in the continuous advance of progress in the most efficient way but within a framework of legal certainty.

The Observatory intends to realise a wide range of different activities: it will promote its own agenda and will also benefit from the vibrant set of already existing activities in the Turin environment, for which it will provide a potentially unitary and unifying framework.

More specifically, we plan to:

  • engage in cutting-edge legal research in the field of law and innovation. We intend to gather together, under a common umbrella, works published independently by the affiliated members, to possibly publish previously unpublished works, in the form of working papers (also by external authors), and to keep track of existing publications all over the world on the field of law and innovation;
  • promote an international peer-reviewed, open access journal under the tentative name of Turin Journal of Comparative Economic Law & Innovation (to be hosted on the platform SIRIO of the University of Turin);
  • regularly host / organize conferences and seminars, also in connection with the journal, both online and in presence. The observatory is already organizing a first short series of seminars by young scholars at the University of Turin on a relevant topic in the public debate. In the future, we will also work in connection and join efforts with the LLM in Trade Law offered by the ITC-ILO, and possibly also with the similar program on intellectual property;
  • offer short courses, winter / summer schools, and possibly in the future master’s degrees for graduate students and professionals;
  • disseminate our activities through a newsletter;
  • be active on the main social networks (certainly Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook), also in order to build an open, collaborative online community and encourage contributions and insights;
  • attract visiting fellows from abroad, offering them an opportunity to spend some time in Torino. Ideally, the Observatory could establish itself as a pole of attraction for researchers in the field, and could apply for some of the many funding opportunities for mobility programmes (starting from Eu programs such as the Marie-Curie);
  • occasionally take side in the public debate, by issuing position papers or otherwise taking part in it, on issues particularly topical and relevant in the area of law and innovation.


Riccardo de Caria, Cristina Poncibò


Research fellows: Francesca Bichiri, Oscar Borgogno, Nadia Coggiola, Letizia Coppo, Antonio Davola, Rossana Ducato, Marco Giraudo, Elena Grasso, Umberto Nizza, Silvia Martinelli, Geo Magri, Lorenza Mola, Andrea Piletta Massaro, Anna Panarella, Federico Riganti, Elena Tirrito, Shaira Thobani, Francesco Zappatore

Associate fellows: Enrico Goitre, Dario Paschetta, Carlo Rossi Chauvenet, Lucio Scudiero

Corresponding fellows: Nelly C. Rotich


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