PlatformLaw is a training course in Platform & Data Economy European Legal Framework: platform, data- driven business models, AI and contract automation. It is focused on the analysis of EU law in relation to data and information treatment through a holistic integrated approach, which allows students to comprehend the importance of changes in EU norms on citizens, consumer/customers, business operators and society.

The course is coordinated by Silvia Martinelli and it integrates contract law and comparative law (Cristina Poncibò), legal informatics & data protection (Pierluigi Perri), philosophy of law and technology (Massimo Durante), legal tech and start-up clinic learning (Carlo Rossi Chauvenet) to analyse platform from different perspectives.

For the current academic year (2021-2022), the course is developed in the form of three seminars, which are going to be held in the second semester, while for the following years (2022-2023; 2023-2024) the course is going to be reformed, becoming a unique 6 ECTS course.

The three seminars are going to be focused on:

Seminar 1 (from 10/3 to 7/4) – Digital Single Market & Contract Automation European Legal Framework – 20h module

Seminar 2 (from 21/4 to 19/5) – Platform & AI European Legal Framework – 20h module

Seminar 3 (from 26/5 to 30/6) – Data Economy & AI European Legal Framework – 20h module

Seminar poster


The seminars will be held every Thursday, starting from March the 10th to June the 30th.

The classes will be from 14.00 to 18.00 each Thursday.


All the three seminars will be held at Aula Rosa, Campus Luigi Einaudi, Corso Regina Margherita, 60, 10153 Torino (TO) and online on webex

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