Data Valley Consulting

Data Valley è una società, un think tank e una community specializzata nello sviluppo di modelli di business basati sui dati, data sharing, data spaces e AI applications.

Il team di Data Valley è composto da ricercatori universitari, esperti di start-up, avvocati specializzati in data driven business models, compliance e esperti di intelligenza artificiale. Il team combina profili con background accademico con profili più imprenditoriali per avvicinare il più possibile questi mondi ed essere costantemente all’avanguardia nell’innovazione. Comprende profili tecnici che assistono la parte del team con competenze legali per studiare soluzioni tecnologiche e svilupparne di nuove.

Data Valley adotta un approccio integrato che coinvolge: a) ricerca strategica, b) consulenza, c) policy advisory e d) formazione e dissemination.

In particolare, si concentra su: a) data strategy, data governance, data monetization, e sviluppo di modelli di business data-driven e piattaforme; b) interazioni e integrazioni tra Big Tech e Piccole Medie Imprese; c) realizzazione data spaces e modelli di data sharing; d) ) AI training e AI risk management.


Data Valley is a company, a think tank, and a community specialized in the development of data-driven business models, data-sharing and data spaces models, and AI applications.

The Data Valley team is composed of university researchers, start-up experts, lawyers specializing in data-driven models, compliance, and artificial intelligence experts. The team reflects the core activities of the project by combining academic background with more entrepreneurial profiles to bring these worlds as close as possible and be constantly on the cutting edge of innovation. Consequently, the team comprises technical profiles that assist the portion of the team with purely legal skills to study technological solutions and develop new ones.

Data Valley, relying on its members, adopts an integrated approach involving: a) strategic research, b) consulting, c) policy advisory, and d) education and dissemination.

In particular, it focuses on: a) data strategy, data governance, data monetization, and the development of data-driven business models and platform models; b) interactions and integration between Big Tech and Small Medium Enterprises; c) creation of data spaces and data sharing models; d) AI training and AI risk management.

Approach, methodology and goals

The adopted approach is based on an in-depth knowledge of the world of data and of the products and services that are at the foundation of new business models (Saas, supply and demand meeting platforms, ranking systems, etc.), gained in the continuous confrontation with companies and the academic world.

Data are valuable assets that can be transformed by businesses into added value. However, some obstacles often stand between small and medium-sized enterprizes and the ability to make the most of this resource. In particular: the business management from a legal viewpoint, and the vertical integration of technological solutions with proprietary products or services, require specific skills, which SMEs do not always possess; companies have to develop their products within a well founded, and therefore reliable, regulatory context: in order to undertake this challenge, it is pivotal to establish a constant dialogue with institutions, academia, and other market players; and to exploit data effectively, it is crucial to acknowledge the risks of careless use and the best solutions, to be able to adopt the most appropriate tools for the specific business.

The project aims to be the solution to overcome these obstacles and take full advantage of the potential of the digital market. Accordingly, data are a resource to be created, organized, and protected: Data Valley leads companies on this path, building together an effective data strategy based on their particular needs.


Data Valley adopts an integrated approach involving: a) strategic research, b) consulting, c) policy advisory, and d) education and dissemination. 

a) Strategic Research 

Strategic research explores possible strategies, problems, and remedies for the development of a new solution, solving a problem, obtaining a more effective approach, or giving strength and public trust and consent to the solution. Legal, business, and technical expert and researcher can be involved and work together for a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach.  

b) Consulting and strategic partner

Experts can offer legal, business, and technical advice and follow the development of a project. In particular, on business modeling, data strategy, legal implications and regulation of the model, data and artificial intelligence management and analysis. 

For instance, Data Valley can provide the following means of assessment: Data Strategy assessment, both from a business and legal perspective, to provide an overview of the juridical and technological state of the art and define the solution; Data Protection assessment to manage risks concerning privacy issues; Data & Copyright assessment to provide and consult organizations on means to safeguard datasets and know-how solutions. Furthermore, Data Valley explores the belittled opportunities offered by the use of open data and the reuse of data, data governance and AI technical solutions, AI risk management and ai compliance, and contracts to define roles and responsibilities in these complex ecosystems.

Beyond consulting, Data Valley is more and more a strategic partner to support on the legal front the adoption of technological solutions aimed at optimizing the use of data collected in the various business processes by designing new revenue streams.

c) Policy advisory 

Data Valley organizes Working Tables with the participation of stakeholders from different sectors to share experiences, analyze regulations and propose policies and protocols that facilitate the sharing and reuse of data in the individual supply chains and for a specific target area. From the identified pools of experts, Data valley favors the constitution of new working teams to design innovative projects.

d) Education and Dissemination of knowledge on data protection and data governance policies to illustrate the risks and opportunities of the legal framework in which the academic and economic bodies operate. In this respect, Data Valley organizes webinars and seminars to develop a culture of valorization of personal and industrial data. Data Valley collaborates with universities and technology partners to define new models of data reuse within specific market segments. Furthermore, Data Valley shares its experience through actions and strategies aimed at disseminating information on the outcome of the project, to maximize the impact on individuals, organizations, and communities. Data Valley organizes events and workshops, and fosters communication to share know-how with partner organizations. Data Valley has developed a thriving community to build a network of innovators and create business opportunities relying on data and the platform economy.

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