Silvia Martinelli is lawyer, Philosophiae Doctor (PhD), Research Fellow at the University of Turin, Fellow at the Turin Observatory on Economic Law and Innovation (TOELI), Fellow at the Information Society Law Center (ISLC) and Strategic Research Manager in Data Valley.

Graduated in Law at the University of Milan and specialized in Legal Informatics, she obtained her doctorate with merit from the University of Turin, with a thesis on platform economy and the responsibility of intermediary platforms, focusing on Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and Ebay.

In Data Valley she is Strategic Research Manager and deals with research related to data-driven business models and the development of high-tech solutions and services.

She is Teaching Assistant (“Cultore della materia”) in both Private Law (University of Turin) and Legal Informatics (University of Milan).

She is also Member of the Board of the Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation and of the Editorial Committee of the Law Reviews Ciberspazio e Diritto”, “Diritto, Mercato e Tecnologia” and “Diritto di Internet”, Fellow of the European Law Institute and of the Italian Academy of Internet Code, Member of the European Law & Tech Network.

She published a book about the right to be forgotten: “Diritto all’oblio e motori di ricerca. Memoria e privacy nell’era digitale“, Giuffrè, 2017 (“Right to be forgotten and search engines. Memory and privacy in the digital age”).

She wrote scientific articles about e-commerce, freedom of expression online, control of the worker through new technologies, domain names, data protection, right to be forgotten, data portability, provider’s liability and platform economy.

Research Fields and Interest

Law and Technology. Private Law and Legal Informatics.

E-commerce, Consumer law, Contract Law, Digital Sigle Market, Privacy & data protection, Data Governance, Personality Rights, Right to be Forgotten, Data portability, Freedom of Expression Online, Domain Names, Surveillance of the Worker  throughTechnologies, Cybersecurity and Contractual Liability, ISP Liability, Platform Liability, Platform Economy, Sharing Economy, Collaborative economy, Intermediary Platform, Social Networks, Smart Contracts, Algorithms, Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Legal Tech, Legal Design.

The PhD Thesis concerns platform economy and the liability of the intermediary platform. It focuses on Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and Ebay.

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