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Graduated in Law at the University of Milan (Legal Informatics, Prof. Giovanni Ziccardi), lawyer at the Milan Bar Association and PhD Candidate at the University of Turin (Private Law, Prof. Raffaele Caterina).

I wrote about e-commerce, freedom of expression online, the control of the worker through new technologies, the discipline and protection of domain names, the protection of personal data, the right to be forgotten and the provider liability.

My first book is about the right to be forgotten: “Diritto all’oblio e motori di ricerca. Memoria e privacy nell’era digitale“, Giuffrè, 2017 (“Right to be forgotten and search engines. Memory and privacy in the digital age”).

My research project is about platform economy and the liability of the multi-sided market platform.

I am also Affiliate Scholar at the Information Society Law Center of the University of Milan, Teaching Assistant (“Cultore della materia”) in both Private Law and Legal Informatics, Member of the Editorial Committee of the Law Reviews “Ciberspazio e Diritto” and “Diritto, Mercato e Tecnologia“, Fellow of the European Law Institute and of the Italian Academy of Internet Code, Member of the European Law & Tech Network.



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Diritto all'oblio e motori di ricerca. Memoria e privacy nell'era digitale Silvia Martinelli In vendita



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